See, dream, create. Always create. This is the Tamé mission. Trained as a graphic artist, she has graced us with her unpredictable jewellery and her mind-bending accessories since 2009. Without any driving motivation other than pure inspiration, she creates art pieces for the body and for the home. Since the beginning, many major magazines, fashion blogs and trend-savvy boutiques, both here and abroad, have eagerly featured her bold work.

Her process begins with the material – at first raw, then transformed, but always authentic. Playful and tactile, Tamé jewellery will charm you. Slipped into personalised packaging, these original collections reveal themselves like a secret you just can’t keep to yourself. But sometimes they simply let themselves be desired…because even though the pieces are destined as products to be sold, they are never created with a commercial end in mind. For Tamé, it’s always playtime.